Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Brian Z. Tamanaha's "Failing Law Schools"

The book is a pretty scathing indictment of current law school practices from tuition, to faculty work loads, to the quality of education offered.

One passage I found especially interesting, under the heading "The Unexpected Parallel Between Liberals Today and Elites of Yesteryear":

Liberal law professors today would doubtless condemn the elite-dominated ABA at the turn of the twentieth century for raising the cost of legal education in a way that restricted access by the poorer classes to the profession. Economic barriers to the legal profession are once again a central issue in a fight over the regulations that govern legal education. This time liberal law professors, in the name of high-quality legal education and fairness to colleagues, are the ones staking out the higher-cost position. Both then and now, arguments were couched in claims of being for the public good. One difference is that the elite bar then was consciously aware that they were restricting access (for what they thought were legitimate reasons), whereas law professors today apparently have blinders on that prevent them from seeing this consequence.

Strong stuff!


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