Other Writings

Other Writings

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Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. Published by Cengage Learning, 2012 (On Amazon).

Unpublished Papers:

The Ignorant Newsvendor's Problem: Firms Adapting to Variable and Uncertain Demand. (2012)

Fragmented Rights in the Commons and Anticommons: Externalities as a Function of Transaction Costs (2012)

Labor Markets Disciplining Attorneys: Do Efficiency Wages Exist in the Legal Industry? (2011) Presented at the GMU Graduate Student Research Conference, received an award for being among the top three papers presented.

Sales Taxes Cascading into Industry: The Impact on Firm Creation and Integration(2011)

Incentives for Health and Safety: Do Economic Conditions Influence Worker Absences? (2011)

The Minimum Wage and State Unemployment Levels: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the United States (2010) Presented at the Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference.

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